Pre-school and Sensory Learning

Children are natural explorers of the world and constantly acquire information from their sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. A child at Oaks Park pre-school engages with tailored fun and interesting materials designed to help train and sharpen their senses.

The sensorial activities encourage a child to observe, concentrate, and categorise their observations.  Each activity focuses on a particular quality, whether that be length, width, height, weight, sound or smell. As with all activities at Oaks Park, materials are built with various levels of complexity in mind so that a child builds their confidence and sense of accomplishment as they move through tasks. We value every child as an individual, and progression through activities is driven at the child’s own pace.  

It’s important to remember that observation skills benefit your child in other areas. Many of the activities prepare your child for future mathematics and language work, enabling the pre-school child to order, classify and describe sensory impressions, all skills which will prepare them on their educational journey.


"It's obvious how much she enjoys her time there, by how much she wants to climb the stairs to the nursery as soon as we arrive."
Mr. and Mrs. K (Shirenewton)