Pre-school, Language and Literacy

At Oaks Park, we encourage the development and expansion of your child’s vocabulary. Your child is provided with many and varied opportunities to listen to stories, poems, songs and rhymes and to talk, express their ideas and practice holding conversations, all with an emphasis on real experiences.  

When the child is ready, we begin to teach the phonetic sounds of the letters. We do this in a fun, multi-sensory way by using stories, songs and craft activities to illustrate each phonetic sound. ‘Sound bags’ contain objects that begin with the particular letter sound so the children can explore and practice the sound. The next stage is word building, word recognition and reading. Words are first presented with an object so the child can feel and understand the abstract word relative to an object. 

We use a number of materials to develop co-ordination, building upon the ability to understand letters, words and ultimately enabling your child to read and write. The child first practices writing letters in a sand tray, then a chalkboard before moving on to paper and pencil.  Using a sand tray and chalkboard first builds a child’s confidence as early errors can be quickly and easily erased, and do not feel quite as permanent as writing on paper.


"It's brilliant to have everything provided including meals, nappies as well as outdoor and spare clothing. It takes the pressure off us."
Mr. & Mrs W (Chepstow)