Pre-school and Cultural Studies

Young children are full of curiosity and have a great interest in understanding the world around them.  As part of the Oaks Park approach we stimulate these interests by exploring the areas of science, geography, botany and zoology using a wide variety of fun and engaging activities.

In geography we learn about travel and transportation, globes, maps and habitats. Our pre-school children are introduced to the continents and we learn about individual countries by exploring the people, traditions, foods, dress, art and music from the country.

In science we explore the physical world including magnetism, buoyancy, the seasons, parts of the body and the solar system. Zoology teaches all about animals and their young, their habitats, what they eat and what they do in winter. Botany is all about the world of plants. We learn about types and parts of trees and flowers, how seeds grow and of course lots of practical planting and growing projects in the garden and forest.


"...we have had the pleasure of watching our daughter become an independent, happy, confident and secure little girl."
Mr. and Mrs. K (Portskewett)