Babies and Sensory Exploration

Babies explore the world with their senses – whether this be through touch, sight, mouthing them, listening to sounds and music, or tasting food. 

For babies who are not yet mobile, we provide interesting mobiles to look at and visually track. Babies often enjoy a wooden ring or bell on elastic ribbon as they attempt to control their arms and hands to grasp things. 

Our babies have access to materials of varying textures; from soft sheepskin rugs to a pinecone in the treasure basket. We offer a wide range of traditional toys, from balls to roll, wooden toys to handle and objects to bang. Our water, sand and messy play areas are great fun too.

While we all love music, babies are especially sensitive to music. At Oaks Park, we love sharing classical pieces, nursery rhymes and music from around the world with our children. We encourage children to express themselves through music, singing and playing with instruments.


"I would have no hesitation in recommending the nursery. My husband and I are delighted with the choice we made for our daughter."
Mr. & Mrs W (Hewelsfield)